Delicate pink clay


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Tags: sensitive skin, cleanses pores, universal clay mask

Ingredients: rose clay.

Contraindications: individual intolerance.

Storage conditions: In a dry, protected from moisture.

Weight: 100 gr.

Powdered grind.

Best use in 36 months from the date.

Made by UAB „Verslo titanas“ company order. Vilkpėdės st.9-100, LT-03157, Vilnius,


Pink clay is a mixture of red and white clay (kaolin) Universal type of clay, suitable for different types of skin, especially for sensitive skin. It has a mild exfoliating and matting effect, cleanses pores, stimulates regeneration processes, used as a scrub for face, body and scalp.

Directions: mix with water or hydrolat to the consistency of sour cream, apply to damp skin.

Exposure time: 5-10 minutes. Do not let the mask dry out, so periodically moisten your face with water or hydrolat. After the time has passed, rinse the mask with warm water.

For the scalp: mix clay with water, apply to damp hair roots, massage, rinse after 10-15 minutes. Complete the cleansing procedure with shampoo.

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