Measures to strengthen hair

Measures to strengthen hair

Hair grow solution

Today, the problem of thin hair, constant hair loss and premature baldness is very relevant… and Isatis Tinctoria oil could help many people…

Thus it inspired us to share this amazing solution with people. Especially, it is a pure natural product from the earth without any artificial additives which is even more astounding.

As they say, the genius lies in simplicity … and all that is new is a well-forgotten old.

Our mission

Our mission is to return to you what has been given to nature.
Our company gives priority to natural products derived from nature. Our products have not been tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians.
We are committed to helping people grow their hair in a natural way.

Beard Growth Woad oil Booster

29.00€ Ex Tax: 23.97€

100% natural hair Woad oil, 30ml bottle – regrow thinned or lost hair. Clinically tested:Helps to r..

BeOrigins Hair Growth Highly Concentrated Woad Oil for: eyebrows, eyelashes, head hair and beard 30 ml.

43.00€ Ex Tax: 35.54€

100% natural hair oil, 30ml bottle – regrow thinned or lost hair. BeOrigins Isatis Tinctoria oil fe..

Blue clay for oily porous skin

5.69€ Ex Tax: 4.70€

Blue clay for oily porous skinBlue clay contains potassium, magnesium, nitrogen and iron oxides. It ..

Brow serum- Natural Woad Oil is a powerful natural eyebrow growth activator

15.35€ Ex Tax: 12.69€

100% natural cold pressed woad oil, 15 ml roller bottle – for thicker eyebrows!Clinically tested:Hel..

Delicate pink clay

5.69€ Ex Tax: 4.70€

Pink clay is a mixture of red and white clay (kaolin) Universal type of clay, suitable for different..

Green clay for dull skin with „Detox“ effect

5.69€ Ex Tax: 4.70€

Green clay for dull skin with „Detox“ effectGreen clay contains large quantities of copper and iron ..

Red Clay for skin regeneration

5.69€ Ex Tax: 4.70€

The color of red clay is due to a large amount of iron oxide and copper, due to this it has an anti-..

Serum 18 in one - best way to restore damaged hair, in cases of severe hair loss

28.63€ Ex Tax: 23.66€

A traditional recipe for mixing hair oils that are common in the countries of the East. It is a won..

White Silky Clay for all skin types

5.69€ Ex Tax: 4.70€

White clay is very gentle, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It has a mild exfo..

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