Natural  cosmetics

Natural cosmetics

Finally! It is a natural cosmetics you can feel good wearing without harm to yourself! Suitable even for most sensitive skin.

Containing no harmful components.

Our mission

Our mission is to return to you what has been given from nature.
Our company gives priority to natural products. Our products have not been tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians.
We are committed to helping people grow their hair in a natural way.

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Black Mascara with Woad Eyelash Growth Oil

24.15€ Ex Tax: 19.96€

A real find in world of cosmetics - natural mascara for lengthening eyelashes, containing no harmful..

Blue clay for oily porous skin

5.69€ Ex Tax: 4.70€

Blue clay for oily porous skinBlue clay contains potassium, magnesium, nitrogen and iron oxides. It ..

Delicate pink clay

5.69€ Ex Tax: 4.70€

Pink clay is a mixture of red and white clay (kaolin) Universal type of clay, suitable for different..

Green clay for dull skin with „Detox“ effect

5.69€ Ex Tax: 4.70€

Green clay for dull skin with „Detox“ effectGreen clay contains large quantities of copper and iron ..

Natural hair balsam with avocado oil for oily hair

10.89€ Ex Tax: 9.00€

Natural hair conditioner with avocado oil based on hydrolates of hop cones, black cumin and plant e..

Natural hair balsam with Woad oil for damaged hair

11.58€ Ex Tax: 9.57€

Natural hair balsam with Woad oil based on hydrolates of black cumin seeds, frankincense resin and ..

Natural shampoo is enriched with Woad leaf oil for damaged hair to stimulate hair growth and increase hair density.

7.90€ Ex Tax: 6.53€

Shampoo is enriched with natural Woad leaf oil to stimulate hair growth and increase hair density.&..

Natural shampoo with tar for oily hair

14.40€ Ex Tax: 11.90€

Natural shampoo with tar based on water and plant foaming agents - gently and carefully washes hair ..

Oriental Traditional Goat Milk Soap

7.44€ Ex Tax: 6.15€

This natural soap: cleanses the skin, washing your face and removing makeup.Goats milk has healing p..

Oriental traditional rose flower soap

7.44€ Ex Tax: 6.15€

Tradicional oriental soap has antidepressant and harmonizing effect. Calms and energizes when overst..

Red Clay for skin regeneration

5.69€ Ex Tax: 4.70€

The color of red clay is due to a large amount of iron oxide and copper, due to this it has an anti-..

White Silky Clay for all skin types

5.69€ Ex Tax: 4.70€

White clay is very gentle, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It has a mild exfo..

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