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The Beginnings

Our Story

Once, while we going over our grandma’s things, we found her ancient special Isatis Tinctoria oil pressing recipe for hair growth.

Previously, we did not know anything about this oil and decided to look into it… it turns out that is actually a very exclusive oil, since the grass itself does not grow everywhere.

This plant was used even for coloring. Leaves could produce magnificent indigo color. We got curious to try…

Personal Experience

Improved Hair

Initially, daughter added some oil to the cosmetic mascara and soon noticed that the eyelashes grew thicker and acquired a darker and more saturated shade.

Then she tried to rub into the scalp and it was also a success. After some time (a month and a half to 2) she discovered many small hairs protruding from the crown of the head… and the hair itself became stronger and acquired some shine, it was amazing.

Soon others noticed that her hair and eyelashes condition improved as well.

Naturally Perfect Hair

Hair Growth Solution

Today, the problem of thin hair, constant hair loss and premature baldness is very relevant… and Isatis Tinctoris oil could help many people…

Thus it inspired us to share this amazing solution with people. Especially, it is a pure natural product from the earth without any artificial additives which is even more astounding.

As they say, the genius lies in simplicity … and all that is new is a well-forgotten old.



Our mission is to return to you what has been given to nature.

Our company gives priority to natural products derived from nature. Our products have not been tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians.

We are committed to helping people grow their hair in a natural way.

A Gift from Nature

Natural Hair Growth


BeOrigins natural oils are 100% natural – no synthetic chemicals. The oils are formulated with advanced organic ingredients and botanical extracts and vitamins. This tested combination is guaranteed to give you proven results.


BeOrigins oils regrow longer, thicker, stronger, healthier hair! Restore thinning hair & fight hair loss . Use oils for eyelashes growth, beards oils, hair maintenance. Reveal your sleeping beauty in 1-3 months with once a day application.


BeOrigins brings a comfortable experience to every customer. We carefully test oils before distributing them to you. The oils are tested in modern clinical centers that can deliver proper testing results. Come to BeOrigins for best hair treatment.

Results can be seen in 2-3 Months

Before & After

Closer Look

Fun Facts

Eco Friendly

The packaging is made of recycled materials and breaks down easily in nature.

Extensively Tested

The lab tested and certified hair growth, as well as materials of glass bottle and plastic cap (pipette).

Cruelty Free

Our products are not tested on animals and are cruelty free. Products are safe, however keep away from pets.

Responsible Farming

The plants we use are farmed on a private land without the use of any harmful pesticides.


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